Facts and Figures

Visit at Chreso Ministries by former Ambassador Mark Dylan, Representative from the American Embassy in Lusaka, CDC, USAID, AIDS Relief, CRS, IHV and the National Aids Council of Zambia







The ART clinics offer free consultations, free drugs, free laboratory investigations (CD4, Viral Load, HBC, LFT, GOT, etc) thanks to HHS/PEPFAR funding to the AIDS Relief Consortium.

Many of our patients have wonderful stories to tell about the services. Their lives have become new meaning. Many children can still enjoy their parents because of this intervention. Deaths are no longer as frequent as before.

Chreso Ministries administers Testing and Treatment in Prisons in Lusaka, Livingstone and Kabwe. Encouraging testimonies are resulting from this work.

Chreso Ministries through it sites in Lusaka, Livingstone and Kabwe has now more than 18,000 people in care with around 10,000 people receiving ARVs.

We believe in excellence in all we do. This is evidenced by the confidence our patients have in our services.